In a demand for to-the-bone death metal four lunatics from Braunschweig – Germany gathered in 2012 and formed the band DEMORED. Two years later the very first record ”Slaughtering the Son of God” EP was released by the band itself and catched with this sign of life some good response. Two further years in 2016 and lots of concerts within the german death metal underground the second EP ”Absolution Through Dissolution” was released as a co-production by the young label Neckbreaker Records from Germany and the Dutch label Rawskull Recordz. This second release got throughout very good replies and the band gets to an insiders’ tip. DEMORED’s first full-length album titled ”Sickening Dreams” was released in fall 2018 via Neckbreaker Records on CD and archaic tape so far to molder eardrums, chrushing skulls and infest YOUR mind!

Left to right: Nils Schl├╝ter/Drums, Magnus Fischer/Guitar&Vocals, Ernesto Ruiz/Guitar, Lennart Land/Bass Guitar